16 de noviembre de 2007

It´s friday...

Zebidiah Zacariah joined the army, before long there was a call to war and they all lined up to receive their kit. Now because the army did everything in alphabetical order Zebidiah Zacariah was always last in line.When he got to the head of the line for his rifle there were none left so the seargent gave him a broom and said:

-Point this at the enemy and yell bang bang gun!

Zebidiah wasn't to bright so he accepted his broom with glee. The same thing happened in the line for grenades and he was given lemons and told

-Hurl these at the enemy yelling "Boom Boom grenade!" and youll be right.

He went to war and the battling was fierce, he threw his lemons and bang banged on his gun for all he was worth. Soon he looked around and realized there was only him and a guy from the other side left alive, he pulled out his broom and yelled 'Bang Bang Gun!' but the guy kept on coming so he hauled off with his lemons yelling 'Boom Boom grenade! and still the guy kept on coming ...until he was almost right on top of Zebidiah and Zebidiah heard him say:

-Rumble Rumble Tank!

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